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"When the 'system' allows victims to be crushed in order to silence them forever, the
foundations of the entire society are shaken to their roots." Such was the conclusion
of New York based
The Black Star News upon covering the state court disbarment of
then veteran lawyer, the late Israel Weinstock, as part of reporting on corruption in
New York's judicial system.   

But perhaps your mind more quickly navigates to this thought: "Of all the victims of
legal abuse, why propose that I lament some lawyer's disbarment . . . especially
when all attorneys at the bottom of the ocean is said to be a 'good start' ? . . ."

The Coup d'état

Your skepticism undoubtedly harkens to the somewhat cruel irony that courts are
generally the most accessible forums for challenging abuse of the American legal
system. As only licensed lawyers represent people and entities before most courts,
the ability and availability of a lawyer to practice law can be critical to positive legal
reform. Logically, the receptiveness of courts to positive reform makes it more likely
to happen.

Now – imagine the coup d’état of American courts systematically eliminating (by
disbarment, removal, suspension, and/or threat of discipline) all attorneys and
judges willing to link actual miscarriages of justice to specific instances of judicial
misconduct or corruption. Is the problem becoming clearer and getting closer to

The Weinstock Act

In 2005, NJCDLP proposed federal judicial whistleblower protection and dubbed the
model legislation, "The Weinstock Act".  POPULAR subsequently adopted the
language of that proposed Act and made it part of a white paper,
Protecting Judicial
Whistleblowers in the War on Poverty, as well as the group's quest for exclusive,
national regulation of lawyers' speech.  NFOJA later joined POPULAR's quest for
federal judicial whistleblower protection.
National Forum On Judicial Accountability
Current NJCDLP Projects:
NFOJA is a legislative
initiative to vest
randomly selected,
trained, and rotating
panels of private
citizens with
responsibility for state
judicial disciplinary

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Organizations Associating for the Kind
of Change America Really Needs
Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored
POPULAR (formerly POPULAR, Inc.) is a legal
reform organization, focusing on civil and
criminal justice system issues.  
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OAK is a national
coalition of grassroots

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When Lawyers or Judges Blow the Whistle on Judicial Corruption:  
Judicial Whistleblowers
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