Timm Wheeler is NJCDLP's CIO.  His extensive IT experience includes recent contract and/or subcontractor work for varying
    companies including Verizon and AT&T doing Tier1/2 Technical support via phone for highly technical multiplatform offerings such as
    Verizon’s ‘FiOS’ and AT&T’s Uverse VoIP/DATA-ISP/AUDIO-VIDEO products and support for Apple Computer’s PIM/Cell phone known as
    iPhone and Windows/iTunes/Mac.   

    Timm constantly shares his IT and team building skills on a pro bono basis for good government advocacy and charitable causes.  The
    professional experience he brings to the table is five star quality.  But invaluable is his mastery of organizational psychology derived
    from work and his keen sense of human nature.  

    Timm uses technology to build teams by maximizing the ease and rewards of verbal and non-verbal communicating and data sharing.  
    His current professional emphasis is on IT Security, Support, Break-Fix, Networking, etc.

Timm Wheeler
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