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    Rodney A. Logal is a NJCDLP co-founder, Executive Committee board member, and a long time political / legal activist.  He is
    undoubtedly NJCDLP's largest benefactor, even providing the organization office space and facilities at his "Logal Professional and
    Public Policy Offices".

    For over 30 years Mr. Logal petitioned and agitated to encourage a true, two party political system in Lake County, Indiana.  He was
    the plaintiff in cutting edge litigation challenging steel manufacturing powerhouses through a shareholder's derivative action. He has
    taken on powerful interests in the name of justice many times. The experiences left him with an unshakeable conviction that America's
    legal and judicial system have gone astray. Yet he advocates to help restore true liberty in this country with the spirit in which he
    defended it during the Vietnam War.

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Rodney A. Logal
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