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    NJCDLP Conference:
    Rice Student Center
    Farnsworth Room

Texas Conference Registration
National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc.

    Simply email us your
    NAME and the NUMBER
    attending with you.

    Alternatively, you may call NJCDLP toll free:


    If you would like our conference audience to informally consider whether your case
    involves compelling evidence of judicial bias, collusion, and/or coordinated judicial

  • Briefly describe that evidence in your email registering for the conference;

  • Use only titles and last names in your narrative;

  • Provide only enough detail for the audience to understand what you want it to know.  You need
    not try to "prove" the truth of your assertions for present purposes.  Nonetheless,

  • Be truthful and as objective as possible in conveying your story;

  • Do not include any attachment(s) with your email.


    For a limited time, special rates
    on hotel accommodations are
    available for NJCDLP Conference
    Attendees at:

    Marriott Houston Medical Center
    6580 Fannin Street
    Houston, TX