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If a private individual emails, phones or otherwise contacts NJCDLP and provides
personally identifiable information, NJCDLP will not use that information for any
purpose other than to respond to the individual's inquiry unless and until he or she
clearly expresses or displays interest in broader contact and/or notification(s). This
website captures limited information about visits to the site, but that information is
used only to analyze site traffic patterns and to perform routine system maintenance.

Given the publicly stated mission of organizations contacted by NJCDLP, that contact
is presumed welcomed unless written notice to the contrary is received by
NJCDLP's registered agent.   
Click to Registered Agent   There is less
presumptuousness about unsolicited contact of private individuals by NJCDLP,
particularly when they are not key agents of any legal reform organization.

No individual or organization in contact, engaged in any transaction, or otherwise
affiliated with NJCDLP shall be identified nor shall their or its interaction with
NJCDLP be disclosed by NJCDLP without his, her or its explicit consent.
Nonetheless, NJCDLP cannot be responsible for any incrimination caused by it
being passively identified such as during a return phone call, in a return address,
etc. Those in communication with NJCDLP must insure that they can be reached
discreetly by NJCDLP.

Please direct any concerns about the foregoing privacy policy to NJCDLP via email:   
contactus at or by phone, toll free:   1-888-478-4439.  NJCDLP may also
be reached at 7519 W. 77th Avenue - Crown Point, Indiana 46307.
National Forum On Judicial Accountability
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NFOJA is a legislative
initiative to vest
randomly selected,
trained, and rotating
panels of private
citizens with
responsibility for state
judicial disciplinary

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Organizations Associating for the Kind
of Change America Really Needs
Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored
POPULAR (formerly POPULAR, Inc.) is a legal
reform organization, focusing on civil and
criminal justice system issues.  
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OAK is a national
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