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OAK's History continued . . .

Most of OAK's early members hailed from the national grassroots, legal / judicial reform
community.  It eventually became prudent to limit OAK's operation outside their direct concerns.  

OAK was conceived as a management tool serving compatible aspects of its members' diverse
agendas.  OAK administrators still operate on the philosophy that transcending obvious
differences and perceiving critical similarities is a learned phenomenon.  As best it can, OAK
continues to speak, teach, and provide practical shortcuts to overcome differences among
natural social justice partners.  OAK members are accordingly urged to stay mindful of these
essential ingredients for a successful coalition:

    • The coalition must be beneficial to all of its constituent parts; there must be something
    in it for everyone.
    • There must be mutual respect and understanding. (All participants) must demonstrate
    an ability to understand the others’ point of view, even when there is disagreement.
    • There must be a willingness to compromise.
    • There must be a sense of partnership, even if member parties are different in size.
    Partnership does not mean that all responsibilities and positions are divided evenly
    within the coalition, but that each grouping is respected for the unique attributes it brings
    to the coalition and has an equitable and fair say in how decisions are made and
    benefits distributed.  Coalition Best Practices, National Democratic Institute For
    International Affairs,  Presentation by I. Doherty – 2004.

OAK Members:
NGOs -
Individuals -
  1. Illinois Family Court
  3. Fallout Shelter
  4. The Florence
    Development Group
  5. Great Caravan Walk
  6. David's Hope
  7. Legal Victims
    Assistance Project and
    Victims of the System
  8. Justice Integrity Project
  9. We The People
  10. America Goes Home
  11. National Organization to
    End Guardianship Abuse
  12. Foundation for Court
  13. Economic Democracy
  14. C.A.S.O.O.
  15. Laps For Love
  16. For The People
  17. Charleston Peace
  18. Raging Debate, LLP.
  19. Poor People's Alliance
  20. The E-Accountability
  21. National Organization for
    Parental Equality
  23. National Judicial
    Conduct Disability Law
    Project, Inc.
  24. Government
    Accountability Project
  25. National Whistleblowers
  26. Texas State Community
    Council – Abilene
  27. Uncommon Knowledge
  28. Focus On Indiana
  29. J.A.I.L. 4 Judges
  1. Sheila A. Mannix
  2. gloria johnson
  3. J Guy F Babineau
  5. Jan Lehigh
  6. Julie Rambo
  7. Stacy Slaton
  8. Beverly Cowling
  9. Rebecca L. McLaughlin
  10. James Njenga
  11. Louise R. Monroe
  12. Myra Tanksley
  13. marie lee boyd
  14. Patrice V. Livingston
  15. Pete Stokes Acosta Jr.
  16. Gloria Helman
  17. nina
  18. Mary Lou Brncik
  19. Vania Jones
  20. paul bloch
  21. kristina
  22. joyreal
  23. BJ Davis
  24. jenelyn mendoza
  25. Tamy Frazier
  26. wyester wright johnson-
  27. ella
  28. charlene terry
  29. Janet Hamblen
  30. rejoicedesmond
  31. jane
  32. Daar Fisher
  33. grace joy
  34. Jana Stafinsky
  35. raena fannin
  36. Cynthia HS
  37. Kay Sieverding
  38. Meryl M. Lanson
  39. Andrew Kreig
  40. paul bloch
  41. Michelle Lynn sease
  42. koya konan
  43. Lee Ann Achterberg
  44. Melinda Pillsbury-Foster
  45. Antony
  46. Lilly Collette
  47. Rosa Lozano
  48. Roy G. Lozano
  49. Dr. Shirley Moore
  50. Dale C. Nathan
  51. Latifa Ring
  52. Barbara Mowrey
  53. Robert James Patterson
  54. Steven Richard
  55. Anita Guajardo
  56. Darlene Webster
  57. Robert R. Motta
  58. Douglas K. Kinan
  59. Yvonne Allen
  60. Ken Smith
  61. Cheryl Kennedy
  62. Milton Onyiro
  63. Matthew Fogg
  64. L. Wilson
  65. Cynthia L. Smith
  66. Marilyn Danos
  67. Richard H. Strickland
  68. Captain Dan Hanley
  70. Leon Bard
    71. Gordon Hamel
    72. Rebecca Sucgang
    73. Hatem The-Bedouin
    74. Sandy G. Nunn, MBA
    75. John Furbee
    76. Jerry Pond
    77. Willena Glaster
    78. Sharon Tipton
    79. Larry Carter Center
    80. David Orr
    81. Paul Currier
    82. Dr. John Riggs
    83. Cheryl G Freeman
    84. Ruth Alice White
    85. Don Mashak
    86. Harry G. Clayton, Jr.
    87. Jason Rines
    88. Eliot Ivan Bernstein
    89. Bill McGlone
    90. Betsy Combier
    91. Ray Lautenschalger
    92. John Burt Caylor
    93. Nancy Swan
    94. Dr. Glenn
    VickersBey JD
    95. Tom Saunders
    96. Ma'hya-deen Al-
    meen Mu'min
    97. Deborah Johnson
    98. Kevin M Benderman
    99. Josie Perez
    100. Alan Joseph
    101. Tammy Payne
    102. Rodney A. Logal
    103. michael warnken
    104. George Stokes
    106. c. lynnette thomas
    107. Zena D Crenshaw
    108. Paula Michaud
    109. Laurie Singh
    110. Dr. A. D. Jackson
    111. Timothy Wheeler
    112. Jesse Guiterrez
    113. Gloria Gaitan
    114. Ben Gonzalez
    115. Lance Voorhees
    116. Dr. Stephen Rushing
    117. Jimmy Gaitan
    118. Bertha Torres
    119. Richard Mirelez
    120. Pauline Villarreal
    121. Gerardo Villarreal
    122. Rosario Garza
    123. Vicente Garza, Jr
    124. Jacqueline B. N'Jai
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