Attorney Michael R. McCray
Michael McCray is known as a tenacious
advocate and champion for the underdog; one
who fights for the rights of others . . . with a
never say die mentality.  Michael champions
individual and community causes; and
business and real estate development projects
with a sense of righteousness and justice.  
Michael spent his formative years in Pine Bluff,
Arkansas when the city had the dubious
reputation of being ranked the worse city in
America – two years in a row.  From this
environment, Michael developed a strong sense
of social responsibility and a burning desire to
improve the living and working conditions of
people living in communities like his hometown.

A native Arkansan, Michael traveled to
Washington, D.C. with the Clinton
Administration and began his community
development career working on the Presidential
Empowerment Initiative.  Also  known as the
Federal Empowerment Zones and Enterprise
Communities (EZ/EC) Initiative where he served
with distinction as community development
specialist and a National Speaker on
community economic development issues and
technology for USDA; McCray toured the country
conducting technology training and speaking
engagements at three White House
Empowerment Zone Conferences and four
Regional Enterprise Community Meetings
across the country.  Other featured speakers at
these events included Vice President Al Gore,
Secretary Andrew Cuomo,Secretary Rodney
Slater and Carol Rasco, Special Assistant to the


    J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center
    May, 1994 Communications from American University
    December, 1999

    MBA in Finance from Howard University
    December, 1999

    B.S. in Economics from Florida A&M University

    Michael continued his community
    development career by consulting on
    single-asset and master-plan projects
    for T.D.Jakes Ministries, a west Las
    Vegas shopping center, the Brown v.
    Topeka Board of Education National
    Historic Site, Grider Field/PineBluff
    Municipal Airport and is a partner in a
    development company engaged in
    redeveloping the Historic Winecoff Hotel,
    due to which he is actively combating the
    national predatory lending and mortgage
    fraud epidemic.  As a National Board
    Delegate to the Association of
    Community Organizations for Reform
    Now (ACORN) and as a principal for  
    Congress Against Racism and
    Corruption in Law Enforcement
    (CARCLE), Michael champions
    predatory lending, mortgage fraud and
    sub-prime mortgage lending reforms.  
    He was a Featured Speaker at Fraud
    Awareness Committee (FAC) Mortgage
    Fraud Rally which was covered by
    Atlanta Affiliates Fox 5, CBS 46, Channel
    11.  Other Speakers included Dexter
    Wimbish, General Counsel for the
    Southern Christian Leadership
    Conference (SCLC), Joe Beasly,
    Regional Director for Rainbow/Push
    Coalition and Radio-One Personality,
    Myron "MagicMan" Gigger.

    Finally, with  over  12  years of civil rights and
    community economic development experience, and
    based in part on his experiences with the A.Phillip
    Randolph Institute (APRI) and the National Labor
    Relations Board (NLRB), Michael has developed
    significant expertise in labor organizing and
    employment law, worker’s rights, wrongful termination,
    employment discrimination, and various general
    business, real estate and civil rights disputes.  A
    “Fearless” whistle blower and judicial reform advocate,
    McCray is a member of the No FEAR coalition, which is
    responsible for passing the Notification of Federal
    Employee Anti-discrimination and Retaliation Act of
    2002,and is actively engaged in seeking strong judicial
    reform provisions to be included in No FEAR II.  
    Additionally, as a member of Amnesty International,
    Michael is engaged in the international struggle for
    human rights and he fights for full implementation of
    the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights" which
    was first adopted and proclaimed by the United
    Nations General Assembly in 1948.

    As a civil rights lawyer and federal whistleblower,
    Michael became known as the“$40,000,000
    Whistleblower” when he reported over $40 million in
    government waste, fraud and abuse at the United
    States Department of Agriculture.  Later Michael
    became a Judicial Reform Activist when he reported
    significant judicial misconduct against U.S. v.
    Microsoft Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson and the U.
    S.Attorney’s Office.  Michael’s judicial complaint
    contributed to Judge Jackson’s early retirement.  
    McCray is the chairperson of the 3-5-7 Commission,
    a judicial reform association dedicated to exposing
    judicial misconduct through quantifiably and
    statistically verifiable methods, to ensure that
    American citizens receive fair hearings and tribunals
    as provided for in the U.S.Constitution and declared
    in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
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