Lance Voorhees is NJCDLP's Media Coordinator.  He has an A.B. in rhetoric from U.C. Berkeley and received his teaching credential in
    Special Education from Abilene Christian University before being accepted as a member of American Mensa. His seminars on speed-
    reading, mental math and mnemonics have been featured in many public and private schools in California and Texas.

    Voorhees has been a volunteer chaplain at the Taylor County Juvenile Detention Center for twelve years and also served in the same
    capacity at the Taylor County Jail. After becoming aware of inmate beatings and drug dealing by county jail staff, he became a whistle-
    blower and was temporarily restrained from personal contact with inmates. Voorhees then sued Sheriff Les Bruce in federal court, which
    resulted in an out of court settlement for Voorhees, who remains an advocate of inmate civil rights.

    Lance is a political columnist and Yahoo! News contributor who moved to Abilene, TX from West Hollywood.  He is a former actor and radio
    talk-show host who remains a union member of the Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-
    AFTRA).  In addition to working with NJCDLP, Lance is a Board Member and Media Coordinator for the Texas State Community Council -
    Abilene Division (TSCC-AD).

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