George Stokes, Sr.  is a NJCDLP board member and a Front-line Community Activism Adviser as well as a Criminal Justice
    Specialist for the organization.  He first discover  that America's criminal justice system is broken when his son Matthew was convicted
    and sentenced to 12 years in prison for what seems to have been a classic case of self-defense.  Mr. Stokes began to read the
    law and became a fervent civil rights activist as well as community leader.  Prior to joining the Advisory Board when POPULAR
    functioned as a corporation, Mr. Stokes served as local Civil Rights Chairman and Sergeant of Arms for L. U. L. A. C., the "League of
    United Latin American Citizens".  He went on to join the Texas State Client Council which is part of the national Legal Aid Society.

    Mr. Stokes is now President of the Texas State Community Council - Abilene Division (TSCCAD) and Co-Administrator of POPULAR's
    bi-annual "Restore Integrity Award Program".
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George Stokes, Sr.
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