Report Suggests Judicial Reform
is a Stimulus America Needs

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6/2008 - The presiding panel is developing an outline
for their report and have tentatively determined to
release an official report after the new Congress and
President take office in January, 2009.  Steady
progress towards completion of the CFOJA report will
be made and publicized to some extent in the interim.

1/15/2009 - As NJCDLP's administrative staff were
integral in launching POPULAR, Inc. [see: ], the time-frame for
developing the CFOJA report must be shifted back.  
To allow adequate time for drafting, review, and
editing by all parties involved, completion of the report
is now scheduled for May 7, 2009.

The CFOJA report is anticipated to be a "best
practices" recommendation based on independent
research, study, and input from our May, 2008 forum
as well as "Change of Venue" radio interviews and
corresponding preparation.  For more on those
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