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National Forum On Judicial Accountability
Current NJCDLP Projects:
NFOJA is a legislative
initiative to vest
randomly selected,
trained, and rotating
panels of private
citizens with
responsibility for state
judicial disciplinary

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Organizations Associating for the Kind
of Change America Really Needs
Power Over Poverty Under Laws of America Restored
POPULAR (formerly POPULAR, Inc.) is a legal
reform organization, focusing on civil and
criminal justice system issues.  
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OAK is a national
coalition of grassroots

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Friends of Justice:  
IMPORTANT NOTICE:  The process for reviewing cases by NJCDLP is determined
within the sole discretion of duly authorized NJCDLP representatives. It will likely be
summary for most cases. In any event, NJCDLP endeavors to provide written notice
of its review results within 180 days of any case being duly submitted for

The submission of any case for consideration by NJCDLP is absolutely NOT a
meaningful step towards securing legal representation and should never be
considered as such by anyone.  NJCDLP is not a law firm. Any and all
representatives of NJCDLP, including but not limited to lawyers, accept absolutely no
responsibility for identifying, preserving or otherwise asserting any legal right(s) by
participating in the aforementioned review process on behalf of the NJCDLP. Any
and all services to be provided as an incident to the advocacy work of NJCDLP must
be reasonably identified by written agreement on forms duly prescribed by the
NJCDLP.  No other form of agreement is or should be accepted as binding with
regard to NJCDLP.

To become a Friend of Justice, one must:

Secure and complete a case submission form:  Request Submission Form

Assemble the material requested by the form;

Submit the completed form, supporting material and a cashier's check or  
money order for forty-five dollars ($45.00) [no personal checks please] to:

    National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc.
    7519 W. 77th Avenue
    Crown Point, IN 46307


Volunteer up to four (4) hours every two (2) weeks for 90 days upon receiving
a corresponding job assignment from NJCDLP.

Each Friend of Justice receives:

A formal review of his or her case by representatives of NJCDLP;

The possible selection of his or her case as a cause to be advanced by

The possible selection of his or her case for featuring at a public event
sponsored at least in part by the NJCDLP;

A possible referral of his or her case for consideration by individual(s) and/or
organization(s) outside of the NJCDLP;

A written notice reflecting the planned disposition of his or her case by

The satisfaction of being part of an effort to combat abuse of the American
legal system.

PLEASE NOTE:  Though NJCDLP is a nonprofit organization, its non-lawyer advocacy
services are provided on a contingent, hourly and/or flat fee basis. Payment terms
will be fairly negotiated and clearly defined before any corresponding services are
provided. No one should allow the prospect of paying a fee to NJCDLP deter him or
her from becoming a Friend of Justice as the organization's payment terms very
much reflect the resources of those it assists.
Friends of Justice
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