Dr. Stephen Rushing is Director of NJCDLP's "Theatre for Justice" being organized for major productions in 2014.  Dr. Rushing is a
    tenured professor at Southeastern Louisiana University where he teaches courses related to the vocal arts. An active performer, Rushing
    received national recognition early in his career as a Young Artist Winner of the National Federation of Music Clubs’ Vocal Competition.
    The NFMC is chartered by the Congress of the United States, and is the only music organization member of the United Nations. Noted for his
    interpretations of French, German, Italian and English art song, Rushing has also performed opera, oratorio and musical theater roles around
    the world.

    For over a decade Rushing has played an active role in preserving the integrity of academic freedom and tenure in higher education,
    especially as they relate to the visual and performing arts. His memoirs “Incompetence Corruption and Crime: Matters of Public Concern in
    Higher Education and Louisiana Government” chronicles his efforts to protect the Constitutional rights of the faculty in higher education
    public institutions in Louisiana.

    Dr. Rushing is collaborating with NJCDLP in developing works of performance art that intentionally seek to satirize or to transcend the real-
    world dynamics of restoring the balance of power between America’s judiciary and its sovereign citizens. The premiere work will be based
    upon his empirical knowledge obtained through his experiences in Louisiana state and federal courts.

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