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    Diogenes (die aw gee knees) was a Greek philosopher,
    reportedly born sometime between 412 to 460 BC. His
    "uncompromising zeal for exposing vice and stirring men to
    reform" made him a most appropriate namesake for the
    featured magazine of NJCDLP.

    "Tradition ascribes to (Diogenes) the famous search for an
    honest man conducted in broad daylight with a lighted
    lantern." DIOGENES the magazine, approached the mission
    from a slightly different perspective. It strove to be a "lighted
    lantern", revealing what other media outlets conceal, i.e. the
    government mismanagement and abuses undermining
    America, as described by government insiders and watchdogs.

In 2005, NJCDLP halted publication of its magazine DIOGENES, primarily due to
lagging subscriptions. Yet government reform activists still need a high-quality,
national media outlet, always receptive to their messages; affordable; and easily
accessed by Americans who are reasonably conscientious, but unlikely to connect
with government whistleblowers and watchdogs through on-line communications.

Most reform activists are probably "over informed" through internet exchanges. They
probably don't need a traditional magazine to remain abreast of things that matter to
them. However, traditional magazines can reach audiences unlikely to scout out
government reform efforts in cyberspace.

Of course DIOGENES cannot be the accessible, national media outlet it was
intended to be without the writings and financial support of fervent, credible,
persuasive, grassroots, good government advocates. Their pivotal question should
be: "Do we want the magazine read?" as compared to "Do we want to read the
magazine?"  Hopefully someday enough of the right answers will circulate and the
light of DIOGENES will shine again.  
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