Attorney Zena D. Crenshaw

    Prior to her full time work as a legal reform advocate
    beginning in 1998,  Zena D. Crenshaw engaged in a
    general civil law practice.  The practice consisted
    primarily of her prosecuting complex, personal injury
    claims and advising small to medium, for profit as well
    as nonprofit entities.  Today Zena pursues a new
    passion as Executive Director of National Judicial
    Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc. (NJCDLP)

    NJCDLP is a nonprofit organization combating abuses
    of the American legal system that are facilitated by
    judicial misconduct.  NJCDLP honors judicial
    independence while demanding appropriate
    accountability among judges.  It is a leading
    grassroots, judicial reform advocate.  

    Among NJCDLP’s many accomplishments under
    Zena's leadership are the cutting edge, good
    government conferences it hosted at both the historical
    Watergate Hotel in Washington, D. C. and Rice
    University in Houston, Texas.
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    As NJCDLP’s Executive Director, Zena is a national
    spokesperson on tactics thwarting properly stated
    standards for regulating First Amendment activities
    among lawyers when their criticism of the judiciary or a
    judicial officer is involved.   

    More on Zena and the personal challenges that brought
    her to full-time judicial reform advocacy are detailed at       

    Prior to becoming a member of Amnesty International USA
    and a 2008 candidate for its Board of Directors, Zena's work
    as a human rights advocate primarily took place on a local,
    regional, and national scale.  She co-founded INSPIRED
    JUSTICE CORPORATION, a citizens’ court watching group in
    northwest Indiana.  Her intro to national good government
    advocacy on a grassroots level began in 2003 when Zena
    served briefly as Executive Director for a Virginia based legal
    reform organization.